It's an unfortunate reality of our world, but there are some bad people around. The New Jersey Sex Offender Registry provides a listing of names and locations of sex offenders all across the state.

There are 73 registered sex offenders in the Toms River area. 70 of them are Tier II offenders, which means they are considered to be at moderate risk of committing another sexual offense. The other three are Tier III offenders, considered to be at high risk of committing another sexual offense.

There are 4 registered offenders within one mile of our studio here in downtown Toms River. Last year there were 16 within one mile of where I live in Lakewood, but now the directory only shows one. However, if I expand the search radius to 2 miles instead of 1, the number jumps to 12 offenders. It's really motivating me to move before my daughter gets old enough to trick-or-treat.

Search your address, see who's in your neighborhood, and keep your kids safe!

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