Here at the Hawk we're convinced you guys love your daily dose of amusing video clips due to extremely unscientific research, and that gives us all the excuse we need to indulge ourselves with our favorites. 

Andy Chase does an awesome job of taking care of the funny, weird, strange, silly and cute with his "Video Clip of the Day",  but I've decided that we should also cover the great stand-up moments.

This clip is from one of my favorite comedians, Richard Jeni, who passed away a few years ago and left an enormous void in the world of stand-up comedy.

Jeni committed suicide on March 10, 2007, as a result of suffering severe clinical depression.  But he left us with such a wealth of brilliant bits that he'll always be remembered and revered in the world of comedy by colleagues and fans alike.

For those who don't go to church and are feeling guilty, here's your quickie sermon. For those who do go to church and are thinking about not returning, this is clearly the church you need to find. Atheists, this one's so funny I think it has the power of conversion.