Justin Auciello, who publishes Jersey Shore Hurricane News, was honored Wednesday as a Champion of Change for his work both during Superstorm Sandy as well as after the Hurricane devastated the Jersey Shore.

Jersey Shore Hurricane News, which lives on Facebook, provides info, of course, about hurricanes, but also provides information about other emergencies.

It was founded by Auciello before Hurricane Irene hit in 2011.

According to nj.com, the 33-year-old "was one of 17 citizens, including Rutgers football coach Kyle Flood, honored at the event. Flood was honored for his fundraising efforts."

The White House press release noted that JSHN was a trusted source of information, "widely utilized by New Jersey residents for accurate news reports, crowdsourced information about food, water, gas, and shelter, and deliveries of supplies and assistance to people in need.”

Congratulations to Justin Auciello for being honored and for the great service he provides to the community!