When people are without power for a significant amount of time, clean laundry is probably one of the things they think they'll have to do without, but thanks to "Loads of Hope", that's not necessarily the case.

The truck full of laundry facilities in the Lowe's parking lot on route 35 in Eatontown is being provided by Procter & Gamble, manufacturers of Tide detergent.

The company started its Tide’s Loads of Hope program after Hurricane Katrina decimated the Gulf Coast in 2005.

An article in the Asbury Park Press describes one woman's trek to the mobile laundry station:

"Darlene Stover got to the Lowe’s parking lot on Route 35 early Saturday carrying two bags of laundry.

She planned to drop them at a tractor-trailer-sized truck filled with washing machines and clothes dryers.

The bags contained her boyfriend’s dirty clothes. He is a state Department of Transportation supervisor who has worked almost non-stop since Sunday night to clear the seafront borough of Sea Bright from sand and debris, Stover said.

“He was on vacation in Key West, and drove 24 hours Sunday, and went to work,” Stover said.

Stover lives in Middlesex Borough in Middlesex County. Her boyfriend lives in Ocean Township.

She held up a dirt-stained yellow fleece shirt from one of the laundry bags. “So, this is his clothes,” she said."

People can drop dirty laundry off (two-bag limit per family) from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and they get a ticket and are given a return time to pick up their clean, dry, folded clothes.

The mobile laundry unit will be in the Lowe's parking lot for at least several days or longer.