The Quiet Beatle would have turned 69 on Saturday if he was still living in the material world.

George Harrison was born on February 25, 1943 in (where else?) Liverpool, England.

He died on November 29, 2001 at age 58 of lung cancer.

Guitarist, singer-songwriter, film producer, and the Beatle who became most enamored with Indian Mysticism, George also had a successful solo career, of course, and later became a founding member of The Traveling Wilburys.

What I remember most about how George affected me personally as I was growing up, besides his music, was his sincere spiritual quest, which I could relate to even as a kid.

He was clearly unable to completely fit into this troubled world and looked forward to what lay beyond this earthly life.  I became fascinated with his spiritual sojourn, expressed with such honesty and humility in his music.  He had a way of sharing his spiritual search without being overbearing or preachy--just real.

Clearly it wasn't just talk (or song).  George walked his spiritual beliefs by showing compassion for his fellow humans, spearheading the first benefit concert(s) of its kind, 1971's Concert For Bangladesh.

How badly we need more George Harrisons in this world today....

Here's George performing the powerful "Beware Of Darkness" at the Bangladesh concert at Madison Square Garden all those years ago: