Snooki was interviewed in the latest edition of GQ magazine and gave some surprising and head scratching answers. Talk about a person who thinks she is both more intelligent, and more important than she really is! Honestly, my brain hurts after reading it.First the surprise: Snooki is a Republican and voted for John McCain. I don't find anything at all wrong with that, but I am disturbed that a person who knows so little about anything votes at all. This also must give some relief to McCain, who people accused of being too old to connect with the youth, that he got Snooki's vote  after all.

The next thing that jumped out is that she thinks that the perception that "Jersey Shore" is all about drinking, parties, and adult relations is all wrong. REALLY Snooki?. . . . REALLY? What else do you frauds do? You already admitted you don't read. Are we to believe that you guys sit around discussing current events and doing loads of charity work? Are we to also believe MTV just deletes all the good footage and then shows HOUR-LONG episodes where you guys drink, party, and then have adult relations? That would be some expensive CGI.

I just wish you and your friends would go away. I am going to have to take 2 showers just to wash the filth from writing about them off.