USA Today has announced its list of the top 10 most thrilling theme park rides, and Six Flags didn't just make the list, it made three spots on it.

El Toro is one of them.

Ride fans refer to the negative G-force, out-of-your-seat sensation that this coaster delivers as "airtime."

Another ride at Six Flags that got its place in the top 10 is Kingda Ka.

It's known as a rocket coaster, using a hydraulic launch system to sling its trains to dizzying heights and speeds (456 feet – the tallest coaster in the world – and 128 mph).

And, finally, Zumanjaro Drop of Doom also got on the list (it's scheduled to open later this month after weather-related construction delays pushed back the debut)..

It's a 'drop ride', bolted onto the insanely tall coaster tower of Kingda Ka.

It slowly lifts passengers over 400 feet in the air, waiting for a tense moment, and then releasing them into lunch-evacuating 90-mph freefalls.

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