We are taught throughout our lives to respect our elders. Well, it's coming to the point where they need to respect the youth of this country by staying off the road when father time catches up to them.

It seems like a nightly occurrence for me to see a Silver Alert sign on my way home. We have discussed multiple instances of elderly drivers crashing, losing their sense of direction, and the latest, a man who drove home with his airbags deployed, leaving his license plate at the scene of a crash in Seaside Heights.

When will enough be enough? Should NJ institute an age limit for drivers? Do we need to retest drivers eye sight, mental ability and driving aptitude? Something has to change. It's beyond the point of respecting our elders. I know that I will be a stubborn old man who does not want to give up independence by handing in the keys. Hopefully someone else will by the time I am in a position to hurt others or myself.