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Highlights From The Seaside Park Boardwalk Studio
Friends, I am one of the few people who shows up early to work early every day! Yes, this is my fifth year broadcasting from the boards for The Hawk, and we got off to a rockin' start this time! Despite, psycho weather (Mother Nature may have started drinking early this past holiday weekend), w…
Stei Sells Seaside By The Seashore
When I joined the 105.7 The Hawk team in the spring of 2013, I knew it was a great fit. Just a few months later, they told me I would be broadcasting from the Seaside Park Boardwalk all summer, and I thought I hit the lottery! Memorial Day weekend, the party continues again as we take over Seaside P…
Stei’s Nine Truths And One Lie
The big Facebook trend is listing ten things about yourself, having nine be true and one being false. I decided to have fun with this over the air! You can guess the lie on my Facebook page (Bob Stei) or email me at bob.stei@townsquarem
Stei's Fuzzy Memory of Long Beach Island
As a Baltimore and later Philadelphia native who went to college in New York (Go Jaspers!), I have reflected a lot over my last five years at The Hawk about my first few years at the Jersey Shore. Throughout the early 1990s, when I was younger, dumber and single- a group of friends and I(from New Yo…