What's going on?

Bucks 'n Bears Next Week
The statewide “Buck Week” deer season kicks off Monday, December 3 and runs through Saturday, December 8.
Nominate A Family For The FBHW Holiday Break-In
It's that time of year again, where we bring a local family a holiday that they would not have been able to provide for themselves. Nominate a family in need by filling out the form here!
Tog Limit Now Five
Today (Friday) the daily limit for tog (blackfish) has been increased to five, up from one, and will remain so through December 31.
Beware The White Deer
No, there is no “curse” for shooting a deer dressed in a white hair coat, or even a partial white hair coat, for that matter.
In A Rut!
It’s the two-to-three week period when a whitetail buck goes lust loco, puts caution in the wind as he eagerly sniffs for receptive does and becomes, for lack of a better description, downright dumb.
DONATE NOW to ocean of love
Find out how you can donate to Ocean of Love - helping local children with cancer and their families.
Timing Is Everything
The long-anticipated return of autumn weather, with its chilling of the salty waters, has jump-started the autumn migration of that most prized gamefish: the striped bass.
Cocktails, Anyone?
A precursor to the autumn migration of bigger and much bigger bluefish as well as striped bass, the run of “cocktail” blues, those ¾ – 2 lb. tooth-studded golden-eyed gang bangers, is underway in the inlets and along the beaches from Long Branch to Cape May.
Sea Bass Blast Starting Monday
The third segment (no kidding) of the 2018 sea bass season kicks off Monday, October 8 and continues through Halloween which will see an increase in the daily limit to 10, with the same 12.5-inch minimum length.