The man who shot and killed John Lennon is up for parole again.

He'll meet with the parole board this week to appeal for release. It'll be the seventh time he's stood before the board.

Mark David Chapman has spent his life in jail for the murder of Lennon back on December 8, 1980 and is now 57 years old.

According to an ABC news article:

"He told a parole board at his last parole hearing, in 2010, that his faith in Christianity had deepened during his time in prison, and that he hoped to get a job and live with his wife after release from prison.

A decision regarding his release could come as soon as Thursday or Friday, according to the New York State Department of Corrections."

Quite frankly, I feel that anyone who can kill another human being in cold blood will always be a danger to society and should never be released.

What do you think?