Gentlemen, here is further proof you should never cross a woman.  Ladies, this is also proof that you need to not mess around with guys who are already spoken for.

The assault took place in Arequipa, Peru, and was caught by a nearby security camera. Lissette Lupo Mamani is seen attacking a woman she believed to be her husband's lover after catching the two having a conversation.

It is unclear what Renzo Zanabria Huanca and Sandra Bruna Morales were discussing, but they quickly ended the conversation as soon as they saw Lupo approaching.

Huanca quickly fled the scene, leaving his 25-year-old alleged girlfriend to defend herself against his spouse.

In the surveillance video, Lupo can be seen grabbing Morales by the hair and throwing her on the ground. She then proceeds to drag the victim to a nearby ravine and toss her in. Lupo is heard shouting a few obscenities into the ravine before finally walking away.

Morales fell about twenty feet, and managed to escape the altercation with only minor cuts and bruises.

She later denied being the husband's lover, telling a local media outlet that Huanca had harassed her repeatedly, leading his wife to falsely believe they were having an affair.