A towing company hired by the borough of Seaside Heights to tow cars parked along the street has come under fire for possible price gouging.

APK tow truck (APKAutoRepair.com)

Complains have poured in about Toms River based APK Towing from Seaside Heights residents who claim APK charged as much as $900 to remove their vehicles from damaged areas.

Seaside heights Police Chief Thomas Boyd says his department is aware of the problem and is already investigating. "We've got our detectives  on it along with (New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs).  The Ocean County Prosecutor's Office was (also) notified immediately."

A post on the Ocean County Police Blotter Facebook page drew a firestorm of criticism from those whose cars have been towed claiming they have been treated rudely by APK.

APK may have overstepped their instructions to tow vehicles off the streets, going on to private property to remove cars according to a report by The Examiner.

"The tow company repeatedly laughed and hung up on me yesterday. AND stated directly to me, " I am going to get rich off you people, I'm on my way to get 300 cars in Lavallette tomorrow!!!" read a Facebook post highlighted by The Examiner.

"APK towed my vehicle that was deep IN my driveway, had the nerve to slash my jeeps window to get the parking brake off and said if I don't get the car in two days they are towing it to a junk yard and charging me. When I asked where he was going to tow it too he said he wasn't gonna tell me!!!" posted Stacey K. Hallett.

APK's voice mail was full  on Wednesday morning and a message could not be left.

Jason Allentoff contributed to this story.