Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer has plenty of reasons to be wary of offensive consultant Tom Moore deciding to remain with the team throughout the remainder of the season. Fans hate his guts, Rex Ryan has brought the Wildcat into the offense because it's not explosive enough, and his quarterback, Mark Sanchez, is as up and down as a roller coaster. Yet, Schottenheimer is thrilled with having the support and guidance of a legendary offensive mind.

"People can think what they want," the Jets' offensive coordinator said. "I wish I had this guy eight years ago (or) six years ago. He's that type of guy. I've never felt threatened by Tom. I love having him around. I hope he stays for a long time. It means we're winning games and doing well."

When it was announced that Moore -- best known for his work as an offensive coach for the Steel Curtain era, Terry Bradshaw led Steelers, Barry Sanders' Lions, and most recently, the architet of the Colt offensive run to perfection by Peyton Manning --would be stay on to help out, many people took this as a slight to Schotty and the job he is trying to do. Don't count Brian in that camp.

"Look, I love having Tom here," Schottenheimer insisted. "I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. It truly makes the things that we were doing before so much easier. He’s been great, not just for me, he’s been great for the players. He’s such a positive guy. He really is."

Schottenheimer, signed through 2013, has helped guide the Jets to consecutive AFC Title Games. Another playoff run, helped out by having Tom Moore by his side, could help his stock as a future head coach and, maybe even more shocking, get Jets fans off his back.

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