Adult relations are the things that bond us all together. We can disagree on where, when, and how, but just like any animal we are going to get those natural urges. From the inchworm to the walrus; from the beaver to the komodo dragon, we were put on this planet to have adult relations. After a wait of a couple thousand years there is now an international school open just to teach said relations.

I can not believe it took so long for a school like this to open. People are going to eat, sleep, and have adult relations. They have tons of "schools" to teach people to eat. There a countless tools out there to help people sleep. Finally there is a school to help teach people with no ability or "up to par" anatomy to properly "do it". Why not have intensive classes so that we as a people can be better at something we all do anyway? This school has open admissions for those who can afford the tuition; with the only requirements being that each student be at least 16 years of age.

Some of you reading this may think that you don't NEED a school like this. I say check your ego and remember that you are never too good to keep from getting better. Kobe Bryant still shoots 1,000 jump shots a day and chances are he is better at basketball then you could imagine being at adult relations. Check your ego and you will find that we all have holes in our "arsenal" and now there is a school to help with those deficiencies.

There has been some push back from the idea of a school like this. I have no idea why. We need to realize that as human beings we are just brilliant animals. The animal part of us is going to manifest itself in 2 ways, either through fighting or through adult relations. Think about how many boxing gyms and karate schools are open all over the world. Yet we now only have ONE adult relations school. Do you have a problem with an adult relations school and would you ever consider enrolling?