A very good friend of mine from the neighborhood we grew up in in Old Bridge posted a review of the Friday night show at the Borgata in her own words on Facebook, and I want to share it with you because it really says it all.

Erin O'Brien wrote:

"The Santana show last night was in that category of live shows where the band played because they LOVE what they do and played with great emotion and intensity for the crowd!! It was Carlos 65th birthday!!! Some incredible highlights were...lots of tunes from 'Santana' and 'Abraxas' (my fave) including Incident from Neshabur, Samba Pa Ti, Oye Como Va, Black Magic Woman plus, many newer tunes (Smooth), music from 'Shape Shifter' and some wild Latin/jazz infused music that had the crowd dancing in the aisles!! A birthday cake brought out with the band playing 'Happy Birthday' with the crowd singing, then his band going into Tower of Power's 'You're Still a Young Man' and his wife coming on stage and planting a nice kiss on him! His band is awesome with two great vocalists and Carlos shares the stage with his band...all playing great leads while Carlos looked on and nodded or pointed at them with sincere approval!! I can go on and on...the man's agility to play has only been heightened through the years which continues to make him one of the BEST!!...no evidence to the contrary...a very, very memorable show!"

If you missed the two shows this past weekend at the Borgata, then catch this amazing man and his incredible band--all musical virtuosos--when they bring their high-energy performance to The PNC Bank Arts Center on Wednesday night with the equally amazing Allman Brothers Band! Tickets, including VIP, are still available for the show!

Carlos left the audience with not only the sweet, soulful, entrancing sounds of his guitar, but he also expressed his heartfelt wish that all human beings would remember that love is in the end the only reality and to try to get in touch with that and spread it around!

In the wake of the terrible shooting on Friday night in Colorado, Carlos no doubt felt even more inspired to reach out to send a message of peace and hope.

He's one man who isn't afraid to be called a peacenik, even in this day and age, and his message left a deep mark on my heart and soul.

Oh, and the music wasn't too bad, either!