Well, we Red Rocker fans certainly hope not, but before we find out just what he meant by that, here's wishing a happy (belated) birthday to Sammy Hagar!

He was born on October 13, 1947 in Salinas, California.

Cmt.com reports that Sammy says he's just letting that country side out.

What he's letting out is a little bit of his "my dad was a Hank Williams fan" country heritage in Sammy Hagar & Friends.

Although he says he's still got his feet planted firmly in rock, his new album, released September 24th, is just the first volume of the way he says he sees his career moving forward--exploring different strains of American music, blues, soul and country.

But one thing he won't do is jazz.

"It just doesn't feel down-home enough for me. Maybe it's always the tuxedo thing and lounge music and the snap in your fingers and having all that swagger.

"And it's more intellectual," he adds. "I'm kind of a down-and-dirty sucker. I began with the blues, and the blues is less educated."

More on the album here: