Roger Waters has encountered more opposition because of his political views. describes Waters as a longtime and vocal opponent of the Israeli government’s treatment of the Palestinian people.

He’s called for a cultural boycott and even put a Star of David on an inflatable pig during a recent concert in Belgium, earning the wrath of everyone from Jewish rabbis to his fellow musicians.

Now a German Jewish group in Duesseldorf is urging a boycott of an upcoming concert for his use of an inflatable pig featuring a Star of David during his show, according to

The director of the Jewish Community in Duesseldorf, Michael Szentei-Heise, said in a statement Thursday that Waters was an "intellectual arsonist" whose stage act used "anti-Semitic and National Socialist" imagery.

Roger Waters celebrates his birthday today, born on September 6, 1943 in Surrey, England.

The concert being boycotted is also planned for today.

What are your thoughts on this boycott?