Happy birthday to Roger Hodgson, born on March 21, 1950 in Portsmouth, England.

The co-founder and singer-songwriter of Supertramp parted ways with his band long ago but is still very active on his own, and in fact, is currently on tour.

This creative master has always had a certain magic touch, and is beloved by many fans the world over.

Gregory Weinkauf of the Huffington Post says:

This is the real deal: a legendary music man, in brilliant form and shimmering presence, supported by a tight, terrific band. When you can catch a show, go. An evening with Roger Hodgson will raise your standards of concert-going.

And from the Examiner:

I looked around and saw smiles and tears all at the same time. Roger has a way of getting into ones soul with his music.

Yes, he definitely does. :-)