Voice of The Who.  Tommy.  One of the Best Screamers in all of Rock.  Tendency when young to use fists to work out conflicts.  Rock God.

Roger Daltrey turns 68 years old today, born to be a Rock Superstar on March 1, 1944 in London, England.

Musician, songwriter and actor, Daltrey of course is best known as the founder and lead singer of The Who, which started out as the Detours and then The High Numbers before permanently settling in with the band name that would become one of the most revered and influential in all of rock history.

What can be said about Roger Daltrey that hasn't been covered over the decades since he first stepped onto a stage?

Pete Townshend says "He almost invented the pseudo-messianic role taken up later by Jim Morrison and Robert Plant."

Rolling Stone magazine ranks him at #61 on it's list of The 100 Greatest Singers of All time.

And if you're like me, he was one of the most powerful voices in your early years of rock and roll education, making an indelible stamp on your psyche, remaining to this day an image of masculine charisma and rebellious power and energy the likes of which is seldom seen.

Here's "Giving It All Away" from Daltrey's 1973 self-titled debut solo album: