Alice Cooper talks about his addiction to it, (and Robin Williams describes how the game must have been born).

August is National Golf Month.

Back in the day, rockers had to hide their love of golf.

They were in the closet and while it was fine to be teed off, they would never admit to teeing off.

It was considered behavior unfit for a rock artist.

But Neil Young, whose mother was an amateur champion in Canada on the local level, quietly played often, even back in the 60's, and in the 80's Judas Priest and Def Leppard would discreetly play.

The Door's Robbie Krieger grew up as a member of the Riviera Country Club.

Huey Lewis says that, "for a lot of years no record label wanted it known that their rock musicians played golf. Image-wise, the words "golf" and sellout" were pretty much synonymous".

Well, rock was born as anti-establishment and anti-conformist, after all.

All that changed when Alice Cooper made it o.k. to rock and play golf.

And when you think about it, if something's forbidden, any good rocker wants to do it anyway.

And the Coop led the way.

By the way, just this past March, Kiss opened a miniature golf course in Vegas.

Do you play? What's your favorite local golf course?

As for me, I personally see things Robin Williams' way.

Golf was surely invented by a drunken Scotsman.