The lead singer and rhythm guitarist for Cheap Trick celebrates his birthday today, born on January 23, 1953 in Beloit, Wisconsin.

Pretty boy, yes, and he still is. But that voice is what really demands attention.

And Robin is still very much using those vocal chops in Cheap Trick, but their founding member and drummer Bun E. Carlos is apparently not using his drum skills with the band.

In March of 2010, Cheap Trick issued a statement that Carlos is not the current touring drummer for Cheap Trick but that he still remains a band member. Guitarist Rick Nielsen's son Daxx was named in the statement as the touring drummer.

Cheap Trick was out on the road with Aerosmith this past fall.

On the question as to whether Cheap Trick competed with Aerosmith every night of their tour together:

"Not really. The truth is we’ve known each other a long time and we’re pretty good friends. We put up with each other’s egos and all that junk. Of course we go out and try to kick their asses every night. That’s just natural. It’s all in good fun.

They’re a great rock & roll band. We love touring with them because of the camaraderie. There’s a lot of connections over the years, so it’s like family. They’re our big brothers and you just want to slap them around a little if you can."

In an interview last November, Robin was asked if there will be a new Cheap Trick album in 2013, to which he replied:

"We’re working on it. We’ve written about a half-dozen songs so far. We’ve got some new blood in our team, so there's plans for some pretty interesting things. We’ve always been an animated group and figured it’s time to take advantage of that in the ebbing days of our career [laughs]."

There are no tour dates for the band at present.