In between making movies, creating horror comics and being a heavy metal mogul, Rob Zombie still finds the time to make incredible new music for us. The Master of Horror and Mayhem has just released a new single entitled 'Dead City Radio and the New Gods of Super Town.'

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images


Zombie recently teased fans by hiding a clip of the song inside a puzzle that once solved, unlocked the clip. This time, there is no cryptic message or puzzle, the single is now available to listen to a streaming version of it on Zombie's website.

While the title of the song may be a little lengthy it is well worth saying it as the new single, absolutely rocks. It is exactly what Zombie fans have to come to expect from his music, loud, fast-paced and absolutely rocking.

It's going to be a busy spring for Zombie, as his new album, 'Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor' is due out in stores on April 23rd. His new movie, the highly-anticipated 'Lords of Salem' opens in theaters just days earlier, on April 19th.

You can listen to the brand new single 'Dead City Radio and the New Gods of Super Town' on Rob Zombie's website by clicking HERE.