Rick Wakeman celebrated a birthday over the weekend, born on May 18, 1949 in London, England.

Apparently, Rick is a self-proclaimed grumpy old man, and at 64 years of age, that seems reasonable to me.

In fact, Rick is so grumpy that he has entitled his blog, GORR (Grumpy Old Rick's Ramblings).

For a taste of this month's miserable diatribe, check out his website.

Actually, he's not really all that grumpy, and you'll find that Rick Wakeman is far from retired and resting on his laurels or roaming the countryside forcing people to listen to how his bathroom habits have changed and he really needs more fiber.

For one thing, he shares his hopes for a bucket list fulfilled:

There are many things in any musician’s life that he would like to “tick-off”....some big, some not so big......Playing at the Royal Albert Hall, the Marquee Club, The Cavern, Glasgow Apollo, Glastonbury, The Reading Festival, Woodstock...the list is endless really.

Also, apparently Rick is planning on working with Jon Anderson on a new album and more live dates together at some point, according to an interview Jon did a few months ago.

Jon says he'd love to get back together with Yes again, but only if Rick Wakeman is part of the deal, and there doesn't seem to be any interest at this time for that lineup.

We can always hope.