The New York Jets offense can get the job done on any given Sunday, but no one around the league would confuse them with the juggernauts in Green Bay, New Orleans and New England. Citing the need for more explosiveness, Rex Ryan wants to make the Wildcat formation a bigger part of the Jets attack in the coming weeks.

Offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer had the team practice the gimmicky formation, brought forth first by the 2008 Miami Dolphins, and used it to success on Sunday in Washington. They ran seven times out of the formation for 26 yards, capped off by a touchdown by Shonn Greene.

“I think it’s tough to defend if you’re not really focused on it,” Ryan said on Monday, making it known that it was his idea to make it a big part of their attack.

I have never been a huge of the Wildcat because taking the quarterback out of the offense disrupts the flow of the team. But expect to see it in New York as long as it leads to red zone touchdowns.

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