New Jerseyans are bundled up for a "Polar Vortex" that's expected to keep temperatures in the state at frigid levels through Tuesday and into Wednesday.

Flickr User Ed Yourdon

With overnight lows in the single digits and Tuesday's highs just in the teens, it's expected to be the coldest weather the state has seen this season.

While those temperatures are worrisome to many residents, others say it's all part of winter.

"We live in New Jersey, we get good weather and bad weather," said one resident who spoke to Townsquare Media. "That's why we live here, because we love the seasons and the way they change."

Residents are cranking up the heat, not worrying about the bills for the time being. However, one resident who worked outdoors for many years had different advice.

"Keep the heat low and wear extra clothes in the house," the resident said. "You don't need it hot in the house because you can't breathe."

With temperatures not expected to be above freezing until Wednesday, commuters will be facing an icy ride to and from work.

"I hope everyone just plays it safe and keeps their distances, and if you don't have to drive around, don't drive around," said an Ocean County resident.

Another resident says she'll be staying home as much as possible to avoid going outside, but will try and check on elderly neighbors when she can.