It was 20 years ago today, Sgt. Pepper...oh, wait.  I mean 40 years ago this week,  and it was John and Yoko.  And they took over The Mike Douglas Show. It was a counter-culture invasion of conservative T.V.

Actually, they co-hosted the show with Mike back in 1972 and if you're old enough to remember, you have never forgotten it, no matter what they say about remembering the 60's (or in this case, the early 70's). 

Yes, I remember.  And it was beyond amazing to see normally stodgy daytime television actually embracing John and Yoko and allowing them to speak their minds.

I wasn't a Yoko-hater, like so many, but of course, it was John I really wanted to see. And there he was in all his cheeky glory, and ready to speak for so many voices that were largely unheard on T.V. back then.

John and Yoko had co-hosted The Dick Cavett Show the year before, and Cavett probably suited them better, since his was the more youth-oriented show at the time.

Nevertheless, on The Mike Douglas Show, it was an interesting convergence of a sweet conservative, middle American talk show host with controversial, drug-culture musicians (and one pretty big anti-establishment icon).  It made for some, shall we say, odd programming.

It's amusing that in this clip, John and Yoko are trying to convey an out-of-the-box concept re: artistic ability, and poor Mike is not quite getting it.  Except maybe for the touching part.  I mean physical touching.  Watch the clip.

Then tell us what you think and if you, in fact, remember any of it, in the comment section below!