Steve Marriott would have turned 65 today, born on January 30, 1947 in Essex, England.  He died in a house fire in April of 1991, when he was only 44 years old.

It would no doubt be a little slice of humble pie to be largely unknown these days, (pun intended, of course) for this great frontman, songwriter, and musician for both The Small Faces and Humble Pie.  But if he was still alive today he probably wouldn't have to worry about tasting it.

Marriott has been cited by many rockers (Ozzy, Paul Stanley, Keith Richards, Steve Perry, and more) as a truly great singer and often an inspiration for their own work.

I've written about Steve Marriott before here, so I'l confine further comments to just saying he is missed.

Here's Steve in the early days with The Small Faces owning "Itchycoo Park", an early stoner song: