On this day in rock history, March 19, 1982, the rock world lost one of its most talented and influential guitarists.

Randy Rhoads was only 25 years old when his promising rock career was abruptly ended.

The Axeman Extraordinaire died when the small plane he was in buzzed Ozzy Osbourne's tour bus and crashed into a house.

The Quiet Riot, and later Ozzy guitar wizard, was a devoted student of classical guitar and blended that training with his own heavy metal signature.

Randy so impressed Ozzy that after Randy simply tuned up and played some riffs for the audition, Osbourne instantly said, "you've got the gig."

Despite his brief career, Randy is considered to be one of the top guitarists of all time and is ranked at #36 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 100 Greatest Guitarists.

In this video, a blown-away Ozzy listens to Randy soloing from master tapes found 30 years after being recorded.