Every Father's Day, I try not to think too much about the fact that my dear dad is no longer with me here on earth, and that I haven't celebrated his special day since 2002

It's hard to believe I haven't been able to give dad a card, buy him something special, or see his twinkling eyes light up with love and warmth when I would knock on his house door as he happily opened it on Father's Day, knowing he was going to be showered with gifts and love.

Fathers are so special to their children, especially when they're good ones like the one I was blessed to have.

If your dad is special to you, too, and if he's still here on earth with you, don't forget to spoil him rotten on Sunday, and for that matter, on every day you still have to share his love, for there is truly no one who can take the place of a good dad and you'll miss him every day of your life once he's gone.

To all the wonderful fathers out there--Happy Father's Day, hope you have a great day this Sunday ! You rock!