What could possibly go wrong when a man dressed in a batman-like costume shows up at a Home Depot? 

23-year-old Matthew Argintar got his answer on Tuesday when his arrival at Home Depot on Route 57 in Mansfield set off hysteria, in light of the Colorado movie massacre, and resulted in his arrest.

Lehigh Valley Live reports that Argintar was debuting his alter-ego, Beast, as part of a real-life superhero movement, in which an estimated 100 people around the country dress up to “fight crime.”

Argintar’s costume included a mask, cape, body armor and handcuffs, but he was unarmed.

He has been charged with being disorderly and unlawfully possessing handcuffs, and was taken to Hackettstown Regional Medical Center,which he’s since been released from.

Argintar is due back in court on August 21st, and is claiming he was emotionally abused by officers.

By-standers were fleeing and panicking as they saw the batman wanna-be, wondering why anybody would dress like that after the Aurora attacks.