"They don't know what they're doing, they're loud, they fight, they don't have too many brains, and they're half-undressed all the time."

And "Please make it stop".

That pretty much sums it up.

Last week, I posted the story about Pt. Pleasant Beach saying, "no way" to having a Jersey Shore spin-off filmed in their town.

A lot of people responded to that blog, everyone saying they were so glad the show was turned down.

There were no exceptions to that sentiment. (No exceptions expected, of course).

So when I found this clip, I thought you'd enjoy seeing the reactions from others...

Especially interesting is the response of some of the men to the Jersey Shore women.

"No matter what your age, a good pair is a good pair."

Hey, they're obviously focusing on the positive.

But I admit it was disturbing to hear, "Hey Snookie, call me sometime", and "I wish you had waited for me, honey!"...