That would be the Canada Walk of Fame award.

Hey, it's his birthday and he'll say "all mine" if he wants to.

Born September 27, 1943, Randy is best known as a founding member (and lead guitarist/songwriter) of both The Guess Who and Bachman-Turner Overdrive.

Last Saturday he was awarded a high honor in his native country when he was given a solo "star" (actually a--what else?--cluster of maple leaves that form one) on Toronto's answer to the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

He was already honored as a member of the Guess Who but said he liked this award better since he didn't have to share it....

And speaking of more than one, you can probably figure out what he's been collecting for decades as an accomplished musician and says when you buy your first one, "you've started collecting."

Randy's on tour currently in the American midwest with Fred Turner of BTO days, with their band Bachman-Turner.