Parking lots in Barnegat get a higher level of police surveillance than several drug suspects apparently anticipated in the past week.

Valerie Saunders, 34, and Joshua Saunders, 30, of Toms River, were charged with drug possession and related counts Wednesday afternoon after an encounter with officers patrolling the lot of the Barnegat Food Mart on Route 9.

According to police, officers uncovered 267 tablets of oxycodone, endocet and alprazolam, with a combined street value estimated at $2,300.


Police said that Joshua Saunders was also wanted in connection with child support warrants totalling ance.$71,298. He was sent to Ocean County Jail in Toms River, with bail set in the same amount. Valerie Saunders was released to await a court appearance.



David Schubiger, Jr., 21, of Barnegat, was handed drug charges on November 21st by officers on surveillance in the McDonald's lot on Route 9.



According to police, Schubiger's behavior prompted a closer look at his circumstances. Officers recovered a hypodermic syringe and heroin, and concluded that Schubiger had used the fast-food restaurant's rest room to inject himself.



Schubiger was placed in Ocean County Jail in default of $15,000 bail.


Last Saturday afternoon, Eugene Steinhauer III, 20, of Barnegat, was charged with theft, accused of palming a woman's wallet at Country Farms on West Bay Avenue and helping himself to a purchase on her credit card.



The victim told police that she had left it on the store's counter after buying lottery tickets, but that it was gone by the time she returned to retrieve it.



A review of surveillance video and of a credit transaction, police said, narrowed their search to Steinhauer.



He was arrested a short while later at his Village Drive dwelling, and released with an order to appear in court.



Police said the victim got her wallet back along with its contents, which she valued at $239.