Annie Stensrud, a local tv news anchor in Minnesota, appeared to have a couple (hundred) drinks before she went on the air the other day. Her station has come to her defense, but if you watch the video she CLEARLY is under the influence of something. I can tell you one person that wouldn't put up with this behavior, Ron Burgandy. He could handle his scotch and still do rock solid newscasts. He was the true lead anchorman and wouldn't tolerate this lack of professionalism.

I know we don't know for "sure" Stensrud was drinking but I hope she didn't drive home. She was not fit to do that and if you're not fit to drive you're not fit to go on the air. I know it's wrong, but public alcoholism is just hilarious. People falling and slurring from the sauce is great fun to be had for all. Televised alcoholism is even better! Was she clearly drunk or am I crazy?