He isn't a classic rock artist, but in the early 90's nobody was more famous then Stanley Burrell aka MC Hammer. He was the biggest star on the planet and he had people wearing the most ridiculous pants in the world. His stardom was short lived though and ended in terrible bankruptcy. It came out earlier today that Hammer's financial problems continue. He owes almost $800,000 to the IRS in back taxes! Apparently these debts go back to 1996-1997 after his star had already fallen. COME ON HAMMER!

I am no fan of the IRS, they aren't a group that you can root for. A rich person can pay million of dollars to them out of their checks, and they will come back and tell them they owe more! How can you OWE money to a group that can take the money at their discretion every 2 weeks? Why can't they get it right the first time? With all that said, it is hard to feel sympathy for Hammer. He knows the system, knows that it is unfair, but didn't adjust enough to keep them off his back. There is no way he was the smartest guy out there. In fact, I bet if somebody didn't write his lyrics down for him he would be rapping instrumentals. IRS please stop picking on this man. Wesley Snipes is already in prison, do you want him to have a famous cellmate? There is no way Hammer has the money either.

Do you have any ideas on how he could raise the money? I don't know what skills he has, but he could really dance back in the day. Do any of you need a dancer at a kid's birthday party? I bet he would work pretty cheap. Could we do a save MC Hammer benefit concert or telethon? Could the classic rock community come to the aid of a fallen artist? I don't think there is much hope. Leave your ideas in the comments below.