Happy belated birthday to Pete Townshend!

The legendary rocker was born May 19th, 1945 in London, England.

I'm not so sure he celebrated his birthday happily, because the revival of his brilliant and first ever rock opera, "Tommy", has brought back the painful emotions of his childhood.

According to an online article from cbc news, while watching The Stratford Festival's revamp (a revival by Pete's friend Des McAnuff) he said:

....there are always moments when I have to — I'm sorry to admit it but it's true — fight off a bit of tears because I do feel I was exposed to quite terrifying abuses when I was a child: bullying, authoritarian humiliations.

Pete tells all about his childhood difficulties and how they shaped his later musical work, and his road to stardom with The Who in his autobiography, "Who I Am".

I suggest getting the audio book, since Pete narrates it himself and it's quite like having a cup of tea in your living room with the living legend as he tells you all about his amazing journey in his humble, revealing, and authentic own words. 

 Long live rock and long live Pete!