Residents of Pelican Island will be allowed to make a return trip on their own.

Damage to homes in Ortley Beach (Governor's Office/Tim Larsen)

In a notice posted on the Toms River Township website, full-Time residents of Chadwick Beach, Chadwick Beach Island and Silver Beach will be allowed in on Monday from 8AM-3PM. Full-Time residents of Normandy Beach and Shores will be allowed in on Tuesday from 8AM-3PM.

All will be allowed to go over the bridge, with their own car, to retrieve belongings, winterize, meet with contractors and start the clean up process. Residents must present ID in order to be allowed in.

Meanwhile, residents of Ortley Beach are growing impatient at not being allowed back to their homes.

"(Toms River Police) Chief Mastronardy will let residents know what streets will be allowed in first, and this information will be posted on the township website at  People can also sign up for the reverse 911 system, as well, to be notified," according to a website post.

The website message asks residents not to continue demanding access from police and township officials. "A plan is in place to provide access to homes, on a street by street, house by house basis.  What you think you see on the internet, or hear from friends, does not mean that there is truly a clear path and that there is not a sinkhole on your street. Engineers will make their assessments first."

Based on the reports by engineers, "There are many homes, unfortunately, where access to the property will not be permitted," warns the website message.