Paul McCartney helped free an elephant from a lifetime of abuse!

A heavily-abused elephant named Sunder is finally on his way to a sanctuary, thanks to an order by India's Supreme Court and a lot of support from people online!

There were some difficulties after the release: the expert team endured numerous setbacks, including having their truck tires likely deliberately punctured by people who wished to keep Sunder on the property of Indian politician Vinay Kore, where he had been abused.

(Don't be afraid to watch the video above, there are no graphic scenes of abuse).

Who says petitions don't make a difference?

A little star power doesn't hurt, either, of course.

It's been a long fight to free this animal from a life of beatings and confinement in India, but that fight has finally paid off.

Photos released yesterday by PETA India show the much-loved yet much-abused young elephant Sunder as he is moved to a forested elephant care center in Bangalore.

According to an article at

Campaigns by PETA UK, PETA India and other international PETA affiliates to release Sunder have garnered the support of celebrities such as Pamela Anderson and Paul McCartney, the latter of whom broke off rehearsals for his Olympic ceremony show in 2012 to write to India’s Forest Minister about Sunder’s plight.

See the photos at

Note: there is no disturbing video of the elephant being beaten at the above site, only the photos of Sunder's move to a new and safe sanctuary.

It should also be noted that the above video is from 2012, when Sunder was mistakenly believed to be freed from his torment (but now he is free at last).

Paul Mccartney And Pam Anderson Enter The People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals (Peta) Party At Paramount Studios. (Photo By James Peterson/Getty Images)