It isn't easy being Mark Sanchez these days.

The embattled Jets quarterback enters training camp for the 2013 season as the team's starting quarterback in title only. He will compete for his job with Geno Smith, newly drafted out of West Virginia, and Greg McElroy, a third stringer who got a few starts last season. And many experts believe he will lose that competition.

Adding insult to injury, Steve Smith the outspoken veteran wide receiver of the Carolina Panthers, weighed in on Sanchez during a recent appearance on WFNZ in Charlotte.

"He sucks," Smith said. "I wouldn't let him pass me a paper bag sandwich."

Smith is, to be fair, no stranger to terrible quarterbacking.

Much of his all-Pro career has been maligned by a revolving door of terrible passers. Before the arrival of Cam Newton in 2011, Carolina's quarterback history looks pretty dim with starters including Notre Dame's Jimmy Clausen, Matt Moore, an aging Vinny Testaverde and Jake Delhomme, who left Carolina with a tarnished reputation for throwing interceptions even after leading the team to its only Super Bowl appearance in franchise history.

To some, Smith's comments seem to come from out of nowhere, but they underscore a growing sentiment among the Gang Green faithful— it's time for Sanchez to go. The long-term solution to the Jets' quarterback trouble may not be on their roster at this point, but it's safe to say that the fans will not abide another butt fumble.

Sanchez responded to Smith's comments simply by saying "I wish him and his team a healthy and successful season.”

The Jets and Panthers will face off this season on December 15 at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte. The game will be televised on CBS at 4:05 p.m.