Ozzy Osbourne was injured in a fire at his home in Beverly Hills yesterday morning.

According to Loudwire.com:

"A freak fire in the home of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne early this morning (Jan. 17) has left metal music’s ‘Prince of Darkness’ with singed hair, no eyebrows, minor burns to his face and a setback to an existing hand injury.

Firefighters were called to the Osbournes’ Beverly Hills home at around 4:45 AM this morning to extinguish a fire caused by a candle which had not been blown out before the husband and wife retired to bed. The candle was housed in a glass vase that reportedly exploded, causing a small fire in the Osbourne’s living room. Sharon and Ozzy, who had undergone hand surgery the day before, attempted to put out the flames, but their efforts resulted in minor injuries to the Black Sabbath vocalist."

I hope Ozzy recovers soon, and luckily, he only suffered minor injuries, and Sharon was unhurt.

Sharon had this to say:

"I want to thank the firemen from Beverly Hills Fire Station because you are magnificent there and I want to say to everyone out there, please, please check your candles before you go to bed."

And she added:

"And we are like two idiots, it was like The Three Stooges. Everything you are not meant to do - go to bed with candles alight, open the doors and put water on - we did it all."

By the way, Black Sabbath fans can look forward to a new album this year.

According to an article in the guardian.co.uk:

"Black Sabbath have announced more details of their hotly anticipated new album, their first  LP with Ozzy Osbourne in 35 years. Due in June, the record will be called 13."