You might have heard about a beer named after Ozzy Osbourne, but because it was unauthorized, Ozzy's lawyers have shut down its production.

Since Ozzy has had a problem with alcohol, it probably wasn't the smartest move to name a beer after him.

Still The Brewer's Art in Baltimore did create one, but they've now been handed a cease and desist order to drop this product like one of Ozzy's bats.

The canned version of the beer sports Osbourne’s famous ‘Ozzy’ knuckle tattoos along with images of bats.

Some beer lovers will not be happy about it, according to

It’s somewhat of a shame that ‘Ozzy’ beer will be discontinued, due to its near-universal acclaim from beer enthusiasts. On Beer Advocate, ‘Ozzy’ currently holds a 90 out of 100 by the public, while ‘The Bros’ give the brew a perfect 100 score.

Meanwhile, in Black Sabbath news, the band is about to hit the road for a North American tour, kicking it off at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn this Monday, March 31st.