We just had more beautiful weather on the Jersey Shore this past weekend. It was so nice I decided to lay out.

One of my favorite places to lay out each summer was Ortley Beach. Of course Ortley Beach was one of the hardest hit places from Hurricane Sandy back in 2012, and has still not recovered. Route 35 is STILL under construction, and there are a lot of empty lots of where homes once stood.

Even though Ortley has a long way to recovery, I had to go show my support.

The beach was clean; water was beautiful,  but it just felt and looked different.

Honestly, it was still nice to be there.

After I got some sun, I walked over to where Joey Harrison's Surf Club is. It's still there, and so is the RUBBLE from the destruction of Hurricane Sandy. Not sure exactly when that will be cleaned up.

Here are some other photos of Ortley Beach, and the area around the beach.