Dear Alan,

I know you are very busy watching what is going on in the Gulf of Mexico with Tropical Storm Issac, so when you have a chance, can you please do your best to read this.First off, we just want to commend you on the wonderful job that you constantly do for the Jersey Shore and beyond when it comes to predicting the weather. We understand that it is not an easy job, and there is a lot of pressure to get it right each and every day.

It also appeares that you had your hands full tracking all the thunderstorms that popped up this summer, and we understand how busy you have been. It has been a crazy summer weather wise.

But as residents of the Jersey Shore, we are asking you for one more favor. We know that you have done everything to the best of your abilities to give us good weather every weekend, but can you please find it in your heart to give us a good weather weekend for this forth coming Labor Day weekend?

We understand that we will have plenty of other weekends to enjoy the beaches, parks, pools, etc, but it would be really nice to have nice weather for the holiday weekend. (let it pour on Tuesday).

Once again, I understand you are focused on TS Issac in the Gulf of Mexico, and we all hope for the safety of the people down south, but please do whatever you can to get us nice weather for the Labor Day weekend.


A Jersey Shore Resident