I started out looking for the tallest skyscraper but I found something much more intriguing.

It should be no surprise that this tower is to be located in Dubai, but it was in fact created by American architects from Transparent House.

That's right, I said to be located because it's not actually built yet; what you're seeing is a computer-generated architectural rendering.

According to coolengineeringworld.blogspot.com, if built, the Crescent Moon Tower will be 33 stories and sit on the banks of the Caspian Sea, to be completed by 2015.

Nerd alert: even more startling is its sister project, The Full Moon Hotel, which resembles the Death Star from Star Wars.

I think we should build as many weird and wonderful skyscrapers as we can think of whenever we decide to put up another tall building, just because we can.

What kind of building shape would you love to see?