If you are friends with me on Facebook you know that I do a million different things…..So why not put those things to good use?

From 10/1 to 10/26, 15% of the money made from sales made through my Team Beachbody and Origami Owl websites will be donated to Ocean of Love!!

So here is what you can do……go to www.christinastoffofitness.com – There you can click shop and find all things fitness related from workout videos to protein shakes…. If you make a purchase just shoot me an email and I’ll look it up and make note of it.

Also, You can go to www.christinastoffo.origamiowl.com  -- There you can shop for some pretty awesome jewelry….They have this thing called the Living Locket…..it’s a locket that you customize for the person you are giving it to….or for yourself….You pick the charms that go in the locket….it’s so unique and affordable…. These will make amazing Holiday gifts!!  There are other things you can buy there too….but the locket idea is my favorite.  If you purchase something through this site….make sure you click “Ocean of Love Fundraiser” at checkout.

So get some cute stuff…..get yourself into shape…..and contribute to a great donation for an amazing organization!!