It's months away and very premature, but New Jerseyans are already starting to think about the landscape of the shore after Sandy.

Mark Wilson, Getty Images

The pounding surf wrecked boardwalks, trashed businesses and tossed rides into the ocean, but it's a historic place that whether you're young or old, these are memories that were part of your life.

"I was two years-old the first time I came to the shore and I'm going to miss the carousel," said Dolores, originally from Bergen County but moved to Seaside Heights where she grew up.

"My grandparents have a house at the shore that we haven't even be able to's sad," said Ally, Dolores' granddaughter.

"I'll miss boating with the kids, crabbing, fishing," said another woman at a local supermarket.

"I'm nineteen so I'm going to miss the clubs, Jenkinsons, Surf Club, those are places that everyone went and now they are gone."

For Jim and Maureen Lynch, the Jersey shore holds a special place in their hearts.

"We got engaged at one of the gazebos in Spring Lake...there were two of them and now they are both gone, just washed away."

"I am going to miss playing the arcade games along the boardwalk, the Sawmill, Maruca's Pizza, the ice cream places, its not going to be the same," said another one.

Unfortunately, many will not be able to see the full extent of the damage on the barrier islands up close for several months.

"They are going to have to rebuild it...there's no questions about it...the Jersey shore is our lifeline here," said another man.