Just when you thought the announcement of the Kiss/Motley Crue tour couldn't get any better, the boys from Motley had another big announcement this week. According to Bassist Nikki Sixx, Motley has a new single debuting soon, entitled 'Sex.'

Other than maybe the song 'Girls, Girls, Girls,' or possibly even 'Wildside,' what better title could there be for a Crue song than 'Sex?'  The band has made a long history of living by the mantra 'sex, drugs and rock and roll,' so it's only fitting that they have a song with part of the title in it, right?

Niki Sixx announced that the sound of 'Sex' will be along the lines of Motley's early work from their debut album 'Too Fast For Love.'

Other the announcement of 'The Tour' this week, Motley also recently unveiled  their brand new website as well.

AndiIn case anyone was wondering who was going to open or close the shows this summer, Sixx addressed that on Twitter as well.

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