Neil Young's is out on the road with his converted vintage car that's creating quite a buzz.

He's riding around in his fuel-efficient hybrid vehicle called the Lincvolt and blogging about it from the car's point of view:

“So, um, I’m a car. But I’m not just another classy chassis. I’m smart for a car . . . this is where I come to keep it real.”

The vehicle is Neil's retrofitted '59 Lincoln Continental Convertible that has been brought to the cutting edge of clean technology because it's powered by cellulosic ethanal (biofuel made from wood, grasses, or the inedible parts of plants).

As for the musical side of Neil's life, according to

Young just completed a tour of Australia with his long-time garage-band cohorts Crazy Horse, after releasing two separate albums together in 2012 — ‘Americana’ and then ‘Psychedelic Pill.’ That flurry of activity followed a failed reunion project with his 1960s supergroup Buffalo Springfield.