Happy birthday to Rush's drummer and lyricist, who was born on September 12, 1952 in Ontario, Canada.

Peart has received far too many awards from both DRUM! and Modern Drummer to be listed here, but suffice it to say he's one of the most respected drummers out there.

The band is on a current tour, in support of their new album, Clockwork Angels, which was released this past June.

While recording the album in 2011, Neil said, "I intend it to be my highest achievement lyrically and drumming wise."

The Clockwork Angels tour makes it's way to the Wells Fargo Center in Philly October 12 and to The Prudential Center October 20.

Happy birthday to a living legend, who will be recognized as such, along with his bandmates, on The Hollywood Rockwalk on Sunset Boulevard in L.A. on November 20th, when his handprints, along with those of Geddy and Alex, will be immortalized.